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Wylie transliteration

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The Wylie scheme transliterates the Tibetan characters as follows:

Tibetan Wylie IPA T W IPA T W IPA T W IPA
ka Template:IPA kha Template:IPA ga Template:IPA nga Template:IPA
ca Template:IPA cha Template:IPA ja Template:IPA nya Template:IPA
ta Template:IPA tha Template:IPA da Template:IPA na Template:IPA
pa Template:IPA pha Template:IPA ba Template:IPA ma Template:IPA
tsa Template:IPA tsha Template:IPA dza Template:IPA wa Template:IPA
zha Template:IPA za Template:IPA 'a Template:IPA ya Template:IPA
ra Template:IPA la Template:IPA sha Template:IPA sa Template:IPA
ha Template:IPA a Template:IPA