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Wikivoyage is a free online travel guide. Because the project is part of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikivoyage is a sister site of Wikipedia.[1] Wikivoyage's main page includes the following description of the website: "Welcome to Wikivoyage/The free online travel guide that you can edit. The official, non-commercial sister site of Wikipedia for sightseeing, activities, cuisine and accommodation around the world." [1]


Wikivoyage includes a "Travellers' pub" for discussing various aspects of the website[2], an "Arrivals lounge" for new users[3], and a general standard of including "page banners" (as they are called) above articles on the website. According to Wikivoyage:Banners, these are included to: "Create a clean start to the page by having a lead image and horizontal TOC at the top before the article begins. Make the first impression of our guides more eye-catching. [and] Give our guides a fresh and more modern look."[4]

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