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Union of Belgian Composers

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The Union of Belgian Composers (Dutch: Unie van Belgische Componisten, French: Union des Compositeurs Belges) is a Belgian professional association for composers founded in 1960. The association works closely with the Belgian authors' association SABAM. It also worked closely with the Belgian music documentation center CeBeDeM until its closure in 2014. It maintains artistic and professional contacts with the Flanders Music Council, the Flanders Composers Union ComaV and ISCM Flanders, with the composers' forum of French-speaking Belgium 'Le forum des compositeurs'. and with the 'Sturm und Klang' art association of the German-speaking Community in Belgium. The objective of the Union is to look after the artistic image of Belgian composers, among other things by promoting the works of the associated composers.

The Union of Belgian Composers is led by a council of twelve composers.

Presidents of the Union were:

1. Marcel Poot (1901-1988), chairman from 1960 to 1972

2. Willem Pelemans (1901-1991), chairman from 1972 to 1981

3. Max Vandermaesbrugge (1933-), chairman from 1981 to 1985

4. Victor Legley (1915-1994), chairman from 1985 to 1992

5. Jacques Leduc (1932-2016), chairman from 1992 to 2010

6. Carl Verbraeken (1950-), current chairman since 2010

Dutch-speaking members of the management board: Marcel De Jonghe, Marc Matthys, Pieter Schuermans, Luc Van Hove, Carl Verbraeken and Wilfried Westerlinck.

French-speaking members of the management board: Danielle Baas, Renier Doutrelepont, Robert Janssens, Viviane Mataigne, Fabio Schinazi and Félix Snyers.