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Leucocoryne ixioides

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L ixioides [2]
Leucocoryne .

natural Systematik

Reich  Plant Plantae
Stamm  angiosperms Magnoliophyta
Klasse  monocot Liliopsida
Ordnung  Liliales
Familie  ... Alliaceae
Gattung  Leucocoryne Leucocoryne
Autor(en)  Lindley.
Jahr  1830


Ordnung  ... Liliales
Familie  Alliaceae Amaryllidaceae

It is a bulbous monocot of sclerophyllous sites of the Matorral in Central Chile[3]


Leucocoryne ixioides (Sims)Lindl.


Munoz Schick, M. & Moreira Munoz, A. (2000) Los generos endémicos de monocotiledóneas de Chile continental