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Fabiden is the name used in the 23rd edition of the Heukels for a group of plants. It is a translation of the name "fabids [1]"; this is the alternative name for the eurosids I from the APG II system (2003). The Fabids belong to the Rosiden group; and thus to the 'new' double-seeded ones.

The intended group is a clade: it is therefore not a taxon with a rank or a botanical name. Taking into account the extrapolation from the Dutch-speaking area to the entire world, this group will consist of

Clade Fabiden

  • Huaceae family

order Celastrales

order Cucurbitales

order Fabales

order Fagales

order Malpighiales

order Oxalidales

order Rosales

order Zygophyllales

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