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Eurasian teal

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common teal (Anas crecca) is a common and widespread duck which breeds in temperate Eurasia and migrates south in winter. The Eurasian teal is often called simply the teal due to being the only one of these small dabbling ducks in much of its range. The bird gives its name to the blue-green colour teal.

male in nuptial plumage
Eurasian teal
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A.crecca L.
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Klassische Systematik
Reich  animals Animalia
Stamm  Chordata chordates
Klasse  Birds Aves
Ordnung  Anseriformes Passeriformes
Familie  Anatidae Anatidae
Gattung  Thrush Anas
Art  Eurasian teal A. crecca
Author(s)  Linné
Jahr  1758
Phylogenetische Systematik
Ordnung  ... Anseriformes
subFamilie  Anatinae ...