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Bruce P. Golden

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Bruce P. Golden is as M.I.T. and Harvard Law School-educated attorney and jazz trumpet and fluegelhorn player. Upon graduation from Oak Park and River Forest High School with highest honors, he received scholarship offers from both Brown University and M.I.T. and matriculated at the latter. During his first year he was asked to join the Honors Electrical Engineering program known as Electrical Engineering and Science, a curriculum created for as M.I.T. describes it, the most brilliant and promising students. He graduated with High Honors and continued at M.I.T. with a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health for his Master’s Degree to develop reading machines for the challenged with Professor Samuel Mason and Professor Beddoes of the University of Vancouver. His thesis, “Auditory Displays for Direct Translation Reading Machines,” was cutting edge and the precursor of today’s more sophisticated devices.

Despite having fellowships offers for doctoral and post-doctoral work, he left M.I.T.’s Cognitive Information Processing Group, to go to Harvard Law School. His seminal paper, “Materiality under Rule 10b-5 of The Securities Exchange Act of 1934,” was written under the tutelage of Professor Louis Loss. He spent a year working with a top secret clearance with Northrop Corporation working on Electronic Countermeasure systems for the B-1A bomber and then went to work at the prestigious law firm of McDermott, Will and Emery, Chicago, Illinois, where he became a junior and then senior partner.

Law career

He specialized in corporate and securities law and developed two multl-billion dollar industries. The first was the “consumer bank,” a term he coined as The Contributing Editor of the Banking Law Journal, in New York City. This work on on behalf of Household Finance Corporation and soon became the acknowledged method to allow finance companies to export interest rates of the domicile state nationwide. His second industry was the “wrap-around mortgage loan limited partnership” concept. He developed this for The Balcor Company, the real estate company founded by Jerry Resindorf, the owner of the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Bulls, and million-dollar round table insurance agent Donald Fortunato. This revolutionary concept took two years to clear the Securities and Exchange Commission and led to his representing other real estate firms throughout the United States including Jacques-Miller Limited Partnership, Nichols, Thornton and Sturgeon Partnership, The Lock-Up, Rodger Clifton & Associates and Public Storage Limited Partnership as well as numerous other companies and securities brokerage firms in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Tennessee, Utah and Washington. He and two other M.I.T. alumni then formed the M.I.T. Enterprise Forum of Chicago, for which he was Chairman for over ten years. After he left MWE he represented numerous venture capital and investment banking firms and specialized in taking companies public through the technique he developed called the reverse triangular merger, including oil and gas companies and several high tech corporations located in Texas and Utah. He is an expert in various areas of banking law, corporate law, and later litigation, obtaining a $125,000,000 judgment against a Florida-based company in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and successfully defending a company sued for copyright infringement in Federal court, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and then the United States Supreme Court. Ultimately he sought and obtained payment of his legal fees by the plaintiff in that lawsuit. He also represented Ford Consumer Finance and various bank mergers. He is acknowledged as the primary national expert in various areas of corporate law including banking, venture capital, securities law, and limited partnership syndications.

Jazz and Symphonic Career

At Oak Park and River Forest High School, Oak Park, Illinois, Golden was first chair trumpet in the orchestra, and multiple time soloist. He studied under famed Chicago Symphony Orchestra lead trumpet Adolph Herseth. He founded the Deuces dance band which performed at numerous high school and other engagements throughout Chicagoland. At M.I.T. he was the lead trumpet player for five years in the Techtonians Jazz Band and then the M.I.T. Concert Jazz Band, under the direction of renowned jazz trumpet player Herb Pomeroy. He performed at numerous jazz festivals including those at Villanova University, Notre Dame University and Quinnipiac University. He played lead trumpet in the M.I.T. Alumni Jazz Band at the 50th Anniversary of M.I.T. Jazz, which featured an original composition for the M.I.T. event by Chick Corea. He was also one of six trumpet players in the highly acclaimed traveling M.I.T. Concert Band under the leadership of John Corley. After his education, he was offered a position with The Buddy Rich Orchestra, and founded The Sounds of Now and Bruce Golden and His Orchestra, highly successful casuals bands, which, among hundreds of engagements, recorded the feed music for the Jerry Lewis Telethon, backed Ann Jillian and The Staples Sisters on live television and performed with numerous other celebrities. He also, along with the Duke Ellington Orchestra led by Mercer Ellington, provided the musical entertainment for the grand opening weekend of The Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel, Rosemont, Illinois.[1]

He has played lead trumpet and fluegelhorn with numerous ensembles and bands in the Midwest area They include The Bobby Christian Orchestra, The Triton College Jazz Band, Concordia University Chicago Jazz Ensemble, John Robertson Jazz Emporium, Loyola University Chicago Jazz Band, Déjà vu Big Band, Horner Park Jazz Band and The Don Sadofsky Orchestra as well as several symphonic groups. He is frequently a feature soloist.

Golden plays a French made Selmer K Modified trumpet using Bach C and E mouthpieces and a Selmer Professional mouthpiece. He plays a Yahama fluegelhorn. His twin brother is astronomer, actor, musician, comic, and writer Les Golden.


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