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The fundamental error of modern times lies in the fact that the yawning abyss of quality in the difference between God and man has been removed. The result in dogmatic theology is a mockery of God ...S.Kierkegaard
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Anthropocentrism (from the Greek άνθρωπος, 'man', and κέντρον, 'middle'), describes the tendency of people to consider themselves as the central and most important entity in the universe. Correspondingly, it refers to the assessment of reality from an exclusively human perspective. Anthropocentrism is an important concept in the field of environmental ethics and environmental philosophy, where it is often seen as the cause of the problems created by human interaction with the environment. Anthropocentrism is the opposite of theocentrism (which represents God-centered), and in a different context from the ecocentrism (or biocentrism) that life and allows the central nature.



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