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Anna Reynvaan

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Johanna Paulina (Anna) Reynvaan (Amsterdam, 5 April 1844 - ibidem, 19 March 1920) was a Dutch nurse and deputy director in the Buitengasthuis and in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis in Amsterdam, the precursors of the current Academic Medical Center (AMC).

She was among the first in the new lay nurse training, and she was the seventh person to receive the diploma (in 1880).

Reynvaan has made an essential contribution to the initial development of nursing as a profession and as a profession, that is to say a women's profession. She takes care of the practical part of the nurse training that she sets up in Amsterdam. She is also a driving force in the founding of the first professional organization of nurses in the Netherlands and the first nursing magazine, the Maandblad voor de Ziekenverpleging, which still exists under the name TVZ. Thanks to Reynvaan and others, the nursing developed into a fully-fledged profession with which to earn an income.

The Anna Reynvaan Lecture has been held in Amsterdam every year since 1999, spoken by an important international nurse. The lecture is organized by the Amsterdam UMC, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the trade magazine TvZ.

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