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An administrator (sometimes called admin or moderator) ensures that the users contribute in an orderly manner. Administrators are connected to a village or a supervisor and therefore work in a limited area. In an emergency, however, an administrator can act anywhere on Wikisage.


The extra privileges of an administrator are, in short:

  • protect or unprotect a page;
  • delete or undelete a page, and view deleted pages;
  • block or unblock a user;
  • adjust a number of MediaWiki pages.

Without direction by their village or supervisor, administrators are not allowed to change the content of a protected page, and may only block users for a short while (up to 36 hours).


The role of administrator is assigned or removed by a bureaucrat.


Users can be nominated for the task of administrator by a village. Administrators can also be directly appointed by a supervisor.


Complaints about an administrator can be filed with the village where the administrator works, or on the talk page of the supervisor.