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Articles constitute the main encyclopedic content of Wikisage. An article provides information about a single topic. From one article, the reader can reach other subjects through links to related topics or terms mentioned in the text. Blue links are connections to information already included in the encyclopedia. Red links connect to pages that have not yet been written.


The difference with an essay is that in an article a neutral and objective, encyclopaedic approach is chosen, while an essay expresses the view of the author(s). Unlike an essay, an article therefore has no author, and contributing to an article does not provide the editor with author rights.


The title of an article is the same as the article's topic. An article is a lemma, and not a dissertation. Some conventions hold:

  • the title is the most common writing and spelling;
  • in case of choice, the title is a noun instead of a verb or adjective;
  • if the title is a noun, it's singular, except for special cases such as names or words that have no singular (example: scissors);
  • if a term has various encyclopedic meanings, a separate article is written for each of those meanings, with a further indication added to the title within parentheses (example: move (game)). However, if one of these meanings is by far the most used, no further indication is added to the title (example: Amsterdam). In both cases, a disambiguation page is created that lists all different meanings.