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Virtual assistant (artificial intelligence)

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A Virtual Assistant is

  1. Software such as Siri from Apple, or Google Assistant.
  2. A freelancer who offers support services from its own office to different companies.

As an administrative function, it is fairly new. It seems that the virtual assistant has assistant tasks but nothing is less true. A virtual assistant is a collective name for a new professional group of freelancers (zzp'er) that help businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their business. Other names include online business assistant, web assistant, virtual professional, office professional, business support and so on.

The virtual assistant's subject is revolutionary because these people provide themselves with a workplace, knowledge and information and customers. They are actually three functions in one: their own company, their own boss, the manager of another.

Often a virtual assistant works for multiple people. Its distributes the work and provides the necessary programs and equipment.

A virtual assistant guides himself and follows all sorts of training to keep its technical knowledge up to date.

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