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Tongkat ali

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tongkat ali
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E longifolia [1]
Tongkat ali

Taxonomische indeling

Reich  Plant Plantae
Stamm  angiospems Magnoliophyta
Klasse  dicots Magnoliopsida
Ordnung  Sapindales
Familie  Simarubaceae Simarubaceae
Gattung  tongkat ali Eurycoma
Autor(en)  Jack
Jahr  1822


Ordnung  Sapindales Sapindales
Familie  Sapindaceae Sapindaceae

Eurycoma longifolia (family: Simaroubaceae) is commonly distributed in the Southeast Asia and Indo-China[2] Plant with beta carbolines and quassinoid [3] Many therapeutic purposes including malaria, dysentery, sexual insufficiency, and rheumatism