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Sophora violacea

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S violacea Twaites

Taxonomische indeling

Reich  Plant Plantae
Stamm  angiosperms Magnoliophyta
Klasse  dicots Magnoliopsida
Ordnung  Fabales
Familie  Leguminosae Fabaceae
Gattung  Sophora Sophora
Author(s)  L.
Jahr  1753


Ordnung  Fabales Fabales
Familie  Fabaceae Pisum family

Sophora violacea Thwaites (syn. S.rubriflora Tsoong) is an endemic Sophora from Ceylon Island, it also appears on Java. G. P. Jakovlev recognized two subspecies, namely S v subsp pilosa (Gagnep)Yakovlev (syn. S.exigua Craib.) [2]


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