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Rosa Negrete

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Pharmacognosist at Universidad de Chile


[1] Constituents and biological activities of Sch.polygamus

Cyclobakuchiols A and B from Psoralea glandulosa

Topical anti-inflammatory...Ugni molinae

Two new dammarane fom Kageneckia angustifolia

Leaf alkaloids of Sophora macrocarpa

Constituents and biological activities from Muehlenbeckia hastulata

Antibacterial diterpenoids from Fabiana densa var ramulosa

Pharmaco-toxicological study of Kageneckia oblonga

Methyl-psilalate a new antimcrobial from Psila boliviensis

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Muñoz O. et al. A new cuccurbitacin from Kageneckia oblonga

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Carla Delporte et al. antipyretic hypothermic and antiinflammatory activities and metabolites from Solanum ligustrinum

Delporte C. eta l. ... Trevoa trinervis

R E Negrete et al.Two new elemanolides fom Centaurea chilensis

Steroids, a lignan and a flavonoid from Centaurea melitensis

Guainolides from Centaurea chilensis and Centaurea floccosa

R E Negrete, Nadine Backhouse and Bruce K. Cassels Alcaloides de las hojas de Sophora macrocarpa

S.Erazo et al. active metabolites and biological activities from Malesherbia auristipulata Metabolitos secundarios en] Adiantum thalictroides (Willd.) ex Schlecht. var hirsutum ( Grev.)de la Sota

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