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Pastor Leslie

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Pastor Leslie is a preacher interpreting Biblical and current events in the context of the Lord and Saviour. He urges that people choose the path of Righteousness, Sobriety, Abstinence, and Celibacy over the path of Carnal Desire and Libidinous, Licentious, and Lascivious behavior.

Doing so, in Pastor Leslie's teachings, will earn one a One-Way Ticket on the Firmament Express to reside for ETERNITY in the Throne Room of Our Lord and Saviour and to Bask in the Illumination of his Joy, Majesty, Warmth, and Love.

To allow Pastor Leslie to continue his Ministry, please go to his website, clock on the red button DONATE and enter your bank routing number, account number, social security number, mother's maiden name, PIN, and key word. We will deduct OHLY ONE DOLLAR to enable Pastor Leslie to continue bringing the message of the Lord and Saviour to you. That's ONLY ONE DOLLAR (per hour).

Pastor Leslie is the creation of Les Golden of Oak Park, Illinois.