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Nicolaas de Rooij

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Nicholaas (Nico) de Rooij senior (Rotterdam February 27, 1906 - The Hague, February 17, 1959) was a Dutch jazz pianist, who from the age of 14 years professionally made music. He subsequently played include

  • Jack and Louis de Vries

in The Midnight Rounders;

  • The Negro Thompson Band;
  • The Kentucky Kardinals

in the band of Robert "Bobby" Martin

  • Jack de Vries' Internationals

with Coleman Hawkins and Connie Boswell in Amsterdam's 'Negro Palace'

  • Arie Maasland

as a solo pianist in bars.

  • Nico sr. Was the father of Karel de Rooij.

Nico de Rooij jr., The brother of Charles, was among more concert pianist with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

In memory of Nico de Rooij Foundation Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial to make to an enamel portrait of the Eendrachtsplein side of the building Oude Binnenweg corner Eendrachtsplein.

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