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Mark A. Hershkovitz

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Mark A. Hershkovitz

- curator and biochemist US American. The standard author abbreviation «Hershk.» is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.

Taxonomie by M A Hershkovitz

Cistanthe amaranthoides[1]

C arenaria ( Cham.) Carolin ex Hershk.

C.cephalophora (I.M.Johnston)Carolin ex Hershk.

C densiflora (Barnéoud)Hershk.


-- Arroyo, MK Bell Ch., Hinojosa F Phylogeny fo Chaetanthera

Additional notes on Cistanthe philhershkovitziana Hershk. (Montiaceae)

Synopsis of a New Taxonomic Synthesis of Montiaceae (Portulacineae) Based on Rational Metadata Analysis, with Critical New Insights on Historically Poorly Understood Taxa and a Reevaluation of Historical Biogeography

Leaf morphology of Calandrinia

On the evolutionary origin of the Cacti


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Plants(miraheze) in Russian

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