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ME/CVS-Stichting Nederland

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ME/CVS-Stichting Nederland is a national charity in the Netherlands for ME/CFS.[1] Although the foundation uses a combination concept of ME/CFS in their name[2] in order to be relevant to many doctors and patients, the charity produced a 2018 policy document, entitled “Beleidsvisie ME in Nederland” (“Policy vision, ME in the Netherlands”), which describes "CFS" as a stigmatizing term and recommends "ME" as the future term to be used.[3]Template:Rp The policy document further recommended using the SEID diagnostic criteria for clinical use, but did not recommend any specific criteria for research use.[3]Template:Rp



The foundation has strong ties to the Vermoeidheid Kliniek, run by a former board member, which offers multidisciplinary treatment.

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ME/CVS-Stichting Nederland receives an annual subsidy from the Dutch government.

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