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Khaing Phyo Phyo

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Khain Phyo Phyo is an elephant in the zoo Planckendael.

Phyo Phyo, was born in Myanmar and stayed consecutively in Soest Zoo (the reception center poacher Jan van den Brink) Ouwehand Zoo Rhenen Zoo in Rotterdam, Port Lympne Reserve and the Antwerp Zoo.

She is the mother of five calfs in captivity and has been since December 2016 pregnant for the sixth time.

Timber her first baby was born in 1998 in Rotterdam, is a boy was her second Sittang who was born in Port Lympne Reserve in 2002, a boy who died when he was 4 years her third was May Tagu who was born on April 11, 2005 also in Port Lympne Reserve, is a girl

her fourth was Kai-Mook who was born in Antwerp on May 17, 2009. Kai-Mook was the first elephant born in Belgium the fifth was Qiyo who was born in Planckendael on June 16, 2015, is a female. [1]