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Hansen's Konditori & Cafe

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Hansen's Konditorei & Cafe is the oldest confectionery / pâtisserie Denmark. The case was on October 13, 1796 in the Danish city Ringsted opened by Jacob Lensch and his wife. Lensch died in 1828 after his wife continued the business. On August 19, 1867 P. Herman Jensen took the pastry over the next few generations remained in the family. His son CRB Jensen expanded the property between 1893 and 1929 with an upper house which the situation arose as it is today. After World War II was a room next to the bakery used for association meetings and kept one coffee tables after a funeral. In this area, guests now have the opportunity to enjoy the products. Willi Jensen sold the company on October 1, 2011 to Zandra Hansen. The Hansen family took the property through renovation back in the traditional style. The facade got its original appearance. In 2014 Hansen received from the Municipality Ringsted an architecture for the façade renovation

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