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Frigyes Karinthy

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Magyar author

At the age of 15, Karinthy published children's diaries and a parodist novel, revealing his sense of humor and criticism. Karinthy was then still in the gymnasium (Markó utcai reálgimnázium ). In 1906 several pieces by Karinthy were published in the newspaper Az Újság and later also in various newspapers. From 1908 Karinthy wrote for the magazine Nyugat. In 1912 several of his parodies appeared simultaneously, including Így írtok ti (Thus You Write), which will bring his name to prominence. Karinthy wrote these parodies to oppose the old-fashioned folk-nationalist school. Karinthy was a supporter of the new Nyugat movement. From the First World War, Karinthy made himself known for his rationalistic humanism and his attitude against war and nationalism. Karinthy was in favor of the bourgeois revolution, but against the dictatorship of the working class.By the early 1920s, Karinthy retired from public life. He was one of the first to oppose dictatorships such as those of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin in his works. In the late 1920s, Karinthy went on reading tours in areas that no longer belonged to Hungary. He wrote testimonials about the feeling of being Hungarian. Karinthy was operated on in Stockholm in 1936 for a brain tumor, about which he later wrote the book “Journey around my skull” (Utazás a koponyám körül). During the same period he also wrote a writer's program for the next five years, but died in 1938, before its realization [1] Q366325 op Wikidata  Interwiki via Wikidata

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