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S-licarbazepine is an AED. Adjunctive eslicarbazepine led to seizure reduction in patients with severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy[1][2]

Pharmacy and chemistry

Eslicarbamazepine acetate is an once-daily antiepileptic that was approved in 2009 by the EMA (Zerebix TM) and recently by the American FDA[3] Eslicarbamazepine is the prodrug of S-licarbazepine, both oxcarbazapine and eslicarbazepine metabolize same, different to carbazepine; the latter metabolizes to CBZ 10,11-epoxide (Hainzl et al, 2001)[4]


Mild inducers

After de Leon the following AED groups as mild inducers:


Cutaneous adverse effects

Cutaneous adverse drug reaction type erythema multiforme major induced by eslicarbazepine

ATC code N03


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Bioequivalence of eslicarbazepine acetate from two different sources of its active product ingredient in healthy subjects