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Erithacus rubecula

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Erithacus rubecula whiterbyi Hartert, E, 1910 232 HdB Ouarsenis Algérie.jpg
Nederlandsche vogelen (KB) - Erithacus rubecula (086b).jpg

red robin
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Erithacus rubecula Linné.
DBP 275 Schützt die Tiere 20 Pf 1957.jpg
Klassische Systematik
Reich  animals Animalia
Stamm  Chordata chordates
Klasse  Birds Aves
Ordnung  Passeriformes Passeriformes
Familie  Turdidae Turdidae
Gattung  ... Erithacus
Art  European robin E rubecula
Author(s)  L.
Jahr  1753
Phylogenetische Systematik
Ordnung  Passeriformes ...
superFamilie  Muscicapoidea [1][2]

European robin formely classified as Turdidae, today considered a Old World flycatcher. It is the only one species on genus Erithacus in the subfamiy Erithacinae

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