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Doctors with Unexplained Medical Beliefs

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The term Doctors with Unexplained Medical Beliefs (DUMB) was invented by Erik Johnson, a patient during the outbreak of myalgic encephalomyelitis at Incline Village, Nevada in the 1980s that gave rise to the research diagnosis chronic fatigue syndrome. It features in a satiric text by Johnson aimed to critisize those practicioners the medical profession that are quick to call any physical sign that they themselves can't explain psychosomatic.[1] Johnson's text has since been copied by patients all over the world with various disorders, including fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Full text

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date unknown, at least as early as 2003

Epidemic of Mental Illness in Doctors

by Erik Johnson, Inclide Village survivor

The emergence of Medically Unexplained Illnesses has revealed an epidemic of behavioral problems and personality disorders in doctors.

Patients expressing unfamiliar complaints to their physicians often induce the "It's All In Your Head" (AIYH) or the "That's Impossible" response in doctors suffering from these behavioral problems and personality disorders.

Physicians fixated upon the metaphysical belief system of "If we don't know about it, then it doesn't exist" are suffering from a mental defect or psychological condition known as "Doctors with Unexplained Medical Beliefs": D.U.M.B.

DUMB doctors are comprised of subgroups characterized by opportunists who are feigning to be DUMB for monetary gain: "Medicalingering" or of those doctors who are not in possession of sufficient information to render an intelligent diagnosis: "Factlessitious Disorder".

Physicians who are suffering from DUMB disorder place an inordinate emphasis on theories of psychological causality for virtually any unfamiliar complaints that are presented, and manifest a distinctive lack of observational skills when confronted with obvious abnormalities.

Doctors who exhibit obsessive preoccupation with psychosocial etiologies should be regarded with extreme caution: "Psychosomatization Fixation Disorder" or "Psychologizing" is a distinctive characteristic of mental illness, and should be considered a warning sign that the individual is not rational and may in fact be dangerously DUMB.

DUMB disorder may be concomitant but should not be confused with Signs of Thoroughly Unmistakable Physician Intelligence Deficiency: "S.T.U.P.I.D.", as a STUPID physician is uniformly incompetent, while a DUMB doctor is only mentally paralyzed into "psychologizing" by unfamiliar symptoms and complaints.

An immediate investigation is warranted to assess the prevalence of DUMB and STUPID doctors, and to determine the detrimental impact that physicians suffering from these mental defects are having on their patients and the health care system.


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