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Dennis Verbaas

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(1 May 1989) is a Dutch former photographic model. He became known through his marriage to the Malaysian princess Tunku Tun Aminah Maimunah. Son of Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor.

Surprised he had to end his amateur football career when he suffered a cardiac arrest at the age of 17. He ended up in modelling and went to work in Malaysia and Singapore. Verbaas has worked as a manager at a sports company in Johor and as a marketing manager in Singapore at the Tampines Rovers Football Club. Through the football club he met the princess. He converted to Islam on 31 May 2015 and adopted the name Dennis Muhammad Abdullah. He was taught Islam and the culture of Malaysia for two years.

The wedding took place on 14 August 2017.

At the beginning of March 2020, it was announced that the couple had had their first child [1]

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