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Clothed male naked female

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Clothed male naked female (abbreviated CMNF) is a genre of erotica where women are naked while men are clothed. The scenario may be coupled with factors such as domination, submission, exhibitionism and erotic entertainment. The naming order is derived from the dominance/submission convention where the dominant party is given more prominent status than the submissive party.


CMNF themes are characterised by the imbalance of female nudity against clothed males. Although there's no such requirement as long as the female nudity outweighs the male nudity the men are usually all wearing clothing or even overdressed wearing full suits to an otherwise casual party in order to place emphasis on the nakedness of the women. Any number of women from one to all can be required to be either partially or fully naked though the norm for arranged themes is usually for each male to be accompanied by a female wearing no clothing at all. For further embarrassment or objectification of the women they may have to perform sexual or other acts or wear adornments such as nipple clamps although this isn't a requirement for the theme.

In popular culture

In "The Story of O" directed by Just Jaeckin and based on the popular novel by the same name, "O" (played by Corinne Cléry) accompanying Sir Stephen (Anthony Steel) enters a party wearing only a loose open robe, owl mask and collar with a gold chain leash. Sir Stephen's servant then pulls the robe back and off her shoulders revealing O's naked front while guests are looking on.

In art

Several of Jean-Léon Gérôme's paintings depict naked women being paraded and examined in front of potential buyers at slave auctions.