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Citizendium is a wiki where editors are required to have an account and to use their real name as their account name.[1][2]


Citizendium was founded in 2006.[2] While the project's first few years were successful, adding 3,000 articles in its first year[2], the rate of new articles being created slowed with time.[3][4] Once Larry Sanger left the project, it quickly declined, with a 2016 election having "attracted nine votes"[2] and by late 2017 "an average of 5 edits made per day."[2]


Citizendium has a set of ten policies that are used to operate the website.[5] These could be seen as a list of "ten commandments" for those who use the site. Citizendium's core principles, like "contributors shall participate publicly under their real, verified names" and "there shall be special recognition for subject experts" are included on the policy page.[5]


According to RationalWiki,[6]

RationalWiki also operates a "What is going on at Citizendium?" column as a joke about the site's activity and contributors.[7]

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