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Budget Mechanism is a term that comes from the economic theory. Decision-making within the government on the allocation of resources can be taken through the market mechanism. But also more central level through a relatively small group of decision makers. These lay their decisions in a budget or budget. We're talking about a budget mechanism.

There are two variations on the budget mechanism:

The bureaucratic budget mechanism (planning mechanism) where the decisions are centrally defined in a plan. This is then imposed on the people who have to act according to this plan. this has been a relationship of authority of superiors opposite dec. One finds this instance within educational institutions, businesses, civil service organizations but also in the country as a whole. Many countries are now moving away from this approach. The democratic budget mechanism is found in democratically organized enterprises, local councils and the government and parliament in The Hague. This concerns policy (and budget) which will be presented to voters. If there is a majority, it is decided for a proposal. The democratic budget mechanism does not always desired results.

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