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Atlantic cod

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The northwest Atlantic fishery abruptly collapsed in 1992, following overfishing since the late 1950s, and an earlier partial collapse in the 1970s
Atlantic cod
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Gadus morhua L.
Gadus morhua Cod-2b-Atlanterhavsparken-Norway.JPG
Klassische Systematik
Reich  Tiere Animalia
Stamm  chordata chords
Klasse  Actinopterygii ..
Ordnung  Gadiformes ..
Familie  Gadidae ..
Gattung  Gadus
Art  atlantic cod G morhua
Autor(en)  L.
Jahr  1758
Phylogenetische Systematik
Ordnung  ... ...
Familie  ... ...

Atlantic cod is a shoaling species, of the Gadideae family