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Anita grade

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ANITA is a group in the plant kingdom. The term is fairly recently originated as an acronym (Amborella, Nymphaeaceae, Illicium, Trimenia, Austrobaileya) to designate a group of primitive angiosperms. The 23rd edition of Heukels used on page 18, the term "ANITA group" as a name in the rank of order, but that will be a mistake. See also page 14 of the Heukels.

In the scientific literature, this is called also called the "ANITA grade" to make clear that it is not a clade (or not necessarily).

[1] ANITA stands for Amborella, Nymphaeales and Illiciales, Trimeniaceae-Austrobaileya [2]

Mesangiospermae is a phylogenetic group, i.e. crown clade; excluded Anita basal asambleage


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