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23rd Heukels' Flora van Nederland

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The 23rd edition of the Heukels' Flora of the Netherlands uses a taxonomic classification based on the 3rd edition of The Plant-book by D.J.Mabberley (2008). In turn, The Plant-book uses a taxonomic classification that is based on the APG-II system (2003)

Heukel divided his flora van Nederland in 3 classis:


  • ANITA The group is classified in the 'Heukels as discussed, but no formal name is included. It's also not clear if it is not paraphyletic asemblage. Other sources uses the term ANITA grade.
  • The "primitive dicots" seems a convenience term for a paraphyletic grade
  • The order Ceratophyllales (with only one family, the hornwort family) is placed in APG II on the basis of the eudicots, without forming part of it. The Heukels treats this before Magnoliiden, which seems to suggest a different relationship.

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