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''The Russian Bride'' is expected to be presented at [[film festival]]s.<ref name=DreadCentral2 /> The crowdfunding page mentions a [[premiere]] in [[Los Angeles]] in November 2017 and also indicates a release on DVD.<ref name=Indiegogo />
An official movie trailer was released 3 December 2017. ''The Russian Bride'' is expected to be presented at [[film festival]]s.<ref name=DreadCentral2 /> The crowdfunding page also indicates a release on DVD.<ref name=Indiegogo />
==External links==
==External links==

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The Russian Bride is an upcoming American horror thriller motion picture written and directed by Michael S. Ojeda, starring Corbin Bernsen, Kristina Pimenova and Oksana Orlan.[1][2] Producers include Jeff Miller and Philip J Day.[2]

Principal photography on location in Lake Orion, Michigan occurred in March 2017. Post-production was entered in May.[3]


Karl Frederick, an American billionaire living in a mansion outside Detroit, browses the internet for a new bride. He finds Nina, a beautiful Russian woman, and invites her and her 11-year old daughter Dasha to come to America.

After the marriage, it transpires that Karl has sinister plans with Dasha. Nina has to fight for her daughter's life.[1][2][4]


The film exposes the dark side of the internet bride phenomenon.[5]

Every year, men entice Internet brides to a foreign land, only to treat their new wives as slaves. Behind tightly closed doors, neighbors, and even police, often ignore their cries for help. It’s a huge problem that needs light to be focused on to it.[6]

In response, The Russian Bride promotes the empowerment of women (girl power).[4]

According to one reporter, the script may have been inspired by the candidacy of newly elected US president billionaire Donald Trump.[7]


The Russian Bride is a low-budget film by independent film company Reigning Entertainment.[1][4] A limited liability company was set up in Michigan to facilitate its production.[8] Most of the film's budget has been funded by private investors.[9]

The film counts a number of producers and executive producers, none associated with larger film studios.[1] Ojeda has teamed up with Day (The Amityville Terror), Gurvitz (Avenged), Curtis and Zulkowski (53206: Milwaukee) before. Miller wrote and produced The Burning Dead.

Director Michael S. Ojeda with actresses Oksana Orlan (Nina) and Kristina Pimenova (Dasha)
Corbin Bernsen as billionaire Karl Frederick


The film features child model Kristina Pimenova, who has millions of followers on social media, in her first lead role as Dasha.[2] Former Miss Ukraine Oksana Orlan (Orlenko), Ojeda's award-winning star in Lana's Rain, plays Nina, the bride. Corbin Bernsen, known for his role as Arnold Becker in L.A. Law, is billionaire Karl Frederick.[1]

Pimenova declared her desire to become a professional actress in an interview for Posh Kids Magazine.[10] Director Michael Ojeda, in the teaser trailer's press release:

Kristina Pimenova is a talented and beautiful young model, and with the support of fans we hope this movie is the stepping stone to a huge career as an actress.[11]

Supporting characters include Karl's maid Maria, his driver Hagen, and uncle Yuri.[12] The teaser trailer shows cameo appearances by producer Jeff Miller (clergyman) and Kristina's mother Glikeriya Pimenova (bride picture).[1]

Cast overview

  • Corbin Bernsen as Karl Frederick
  • Oksana Orlan as Nina
  • Kristina Pimenova as Dasha
  • Ken Beaudin as Doctor and Priest
  • Michael Robert Brandon as Hagen
  • John Paul Brandt as Cranston
  • Guido den Broeder as Doctor
  • Blake Brown as Tyler
  • Lisa Goodman as Maria
  • Natasha Goubskaya as Anya
  • Keenan Johnston as Buchanan
  • Alison Korman as Olga
  • Maryanne Nagel as Cousin Blanche
  • Justin Nelson as Relative
  • Gregory O'Gallagher as Keller
  • Yefim Somin as Uncle Yuri
  • Nica Sorokine as Mean Girl
  • Clement Valentine as The Surgeon
  • Lyudmila Velikaya as Nina's Mother
  • Yuliya Zelenskaya as Lucia
  • Zeus as Reign


Most of the film has been shot at the historic Scripps Mansion in Lake Orion, Michigan.[12] The Tudor-style location increases the movie's production value, according to director Ojeda.[5]

The production of The Russian Bride took place in March 2017.[9][13][5][14]


Pre-production saw the release of a 3-minute promotional trailer on January 18, 2017.[1] This was followed by a crowdfunding action for additional financial support. Donations amounted to over $15,000 in exchange for a variety of perks.[4]

The trailer, frequently shared and watched on social media, brought additional investors to the film.[13]


An official movie trailer was released 3 December 2017. The Russian Bride is expected to be presented at film festivals.[5] The crowdfunding page also indicates a release on DVD.[4]

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