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Template description

Help template for subheadings in portals and villages.


The template has 10 options:

  • 1:a picture to 'frame' the title (optional)
  • 2:title space
  • 3:color title background area
  • 4:color border title area
  • 5:subtitle (e.g. explanations)
  • 6:color subtitle area
  • 7:color border subtitle area
  • 8:tips (optional)
  • 9:color 3rd area
  • 10:color border 3rd area

Put the template on top of the portal or village page (e.g. 'Rename') by putting:


{{Subheading||Rename|#EEFFEE|#CCDDCC|Put your rename requests here|#DDEEDD|#BBCCBB|Tip: look here|#AABBAA|#99AA99}} gives:

Put your rename requests here

New item
Tip: look here