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Sink bedet cleansing system

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essay Sink bedet cleansing system provides health benefits by fulling cleaning the rectum and anal passages by a stream of water. Created by inventor Evan Jacobsen, developer of the moisturizing smoking pipe and other innovative mechanical devices, the system, although trivial to implement, has been shown in trials to have numerous health benefits which defy explanation by Western medicine and are more likely related to holistic Eastern medical practices.

Based on the concept of removing toxins from the body, the system is distinguished from the traditional post-bowel movement practice of using tissue paper to remove digested product. Jacobsen sees this practice as archaic, resulting in spreading toxinx over a portion of the skin. First finding health benefits by using a wet towel to cleanse, Jacobsen deduced that the towel also spread toxins and was inspired to use solely a flow of water.

He found that not only did the area get cleansed, but fecal material further up the tract was removed, the circulatory system was stimulated in the rectal-pelvic area, and that even seemingly unrelated manifestations such as facial warts, indigestion, and arthritis were relieved. While such benefits are unexplained by Western medicine, they have elements in common with acupuncture.

Incontinence and impotence were also treated effectively using the cleansing system.