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{{DEFAULTSORT:Hoek, Roosmarijn van der}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Hoek, Roosmarijn van der}}
[[Category:Dutch actor]]
[[Category:Dutch actor]]
[[nl:Roosmarijn van der Hoek]]

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Roosmarijn van der Hoek is a young actress born May 5th, 2006 in Haarlem (Netherlands). She is known for "Mees Kees Langs de Lijn/Mister Twister" (2016), "Het Geheim van Eyck" (2015), "Brammetje Baas/Fidgety Bram" (2012), "Levenslied" (2011) and several other small parts in Dutch tv-series and films such as "Jongens/Boys" (2014), "Aanmodderfakker" (2014), "Prooi/Prey" (2016), "Charlie" (2013), "De Mannen van Dokter Anne" (2016), "Rokjesdag" (2016), "Man in Pak/Man in Suit" (2012), Papadag II (2019) and Verborgen Verhalen/Hidden Stories (2014). She played the role of Milou the oldest daughter in "Bumperkleef/Tailgate" (2019). In "Buiten is het feest/Hidden in the Spotlight" she played the part of Lotte (Sonne's niece). In 2021 she played the role of Demi in tv-series "Mijn Kleine Grote Broer". Later on this year she can be seen in "Herman vermoordt mensen" as young Nathalie on tv. She is taking all kind of courses (acting, singing, dancing, music) to become an all round actress.