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Republican Party

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The Republican Party is a political party in the United States; there is one other major political party in the US, the Democratic Party; consequently, America has a two-party political system.


The Republican Party followed the American Whig Party as the main opponent to the Democratic Party.[1] In the 1860 Presidential election, Abraham Lincoln represented the party and won; following this victory, he had to deal with several seceded states in the Southern part of the US and quickly following, the American Civil War. The Republican North won the war, but Lincoln was assassinated shortly after. After this assassination, Republicans dominated the Presidency until the 1940s. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan, a Republican, was President for eight years. Donald Trump is a Republican.


The modern Republican Party dominates the right wing of American politics. However, the views of its political figures vary, especially on social issues, with some of the party being socially liberal but many being socially conservative. Therefore, large numbers of people in the party, many of whom are Evangelical Christians, are solidly conservative on social issues.

The party is associated with the color red.



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