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Parnassioideae is a subfamily of Celastraceae, Celastrales

Zu Erstveröffentlichungen: Die Familie Parnassiaceae wurde 1820 unter dem Namen „Parnassiae“ von Ivan Ivanovič Martinov in Tekhno-Bot. Slovar, S. 456, veröffentlicht [1] Later G A W Arnott validated as subfamily in Encyclopedia Britannica 7th ed, page 98,1820

First publication on Parnassiaceae was on 1820 as Parnassiae by I I Martinov Tekhno Bot Slovar page 456


Wu et al investigated 28 species of Parnassia for pollen morphology considering a natural assemblage. [2]


Genera of Parnassiaceae are Lepuropetalon and Parnassia[3]

  • petiteplant[4]
  • grass of Parnassus (over 70 spp.)


Frequently it has seen as a segregate of Celastraceae. [5][6]