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The sovereign state of Paraduin came into existence on 1 April 2015 by satisfying the Montevideo criteria. It consists of two areas: a house in Rotterdam, formerly part of The Netherlands, and a patch of uninhabited land on the Danube, known as Siga or Gornja Siga. This includes a river island.
The '''Sovereign State of Paraduin''' (''parallel [[dunya|world]]'') is a [[micronation]] established 1 April 2015 as a [[monarchy]] by Prince Ogidius ([[Dutch (language)|Dutch]]: Prins Ogidius).<ref name=Paraduin />
It consists of two areas: a house in Rotterdam, formerly part of the [[Netherlands]], and a patch of uninhabited land on the Danube, known as [[Siga]], which includes a [[river island]]. The nation's activities are mainly [[Culture|cultural]].<ref name=Cultuur />

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The Sovereign State of Paraduin (parallel world) is a micronation established 1 April 2015 as a monarchy by Prince Ogidius (Dutch: Prins Ogidius).[1]

It consists of two areas: a house in Rotterdam, formerly part of the Netherlands, and a patch of uninhabited land on the Danube, known as Siga, which includes a river island. The nation's activities are mainly cultural.[2]


The house in Rotterdam, residence and property of the prince, was claimed as part of Paraduin on 1 April 2015. According to Prince Ogidius, who is suffering from the debilitating neuroimmune disease myalgic encephalomyeltis, international law gave him the right to secede from The Netherlands after he was denied welfare and the Dutch court refused to hear his case. This left him without means to survive. Although ME has been recognized by the WHO as early as 1969, its existence is still denied by the Dutch government. Many patients have no or little income.


Siga's status became disputed after Yugoslavia fell apart and the new republics of Croatia and Serbia could not agree on the location of their border. According to Serbia, the current location of the Danube is where the border lies, while Croatia claims it's where the river used to run on an earlier date. As a consequence, some larger areas on the left bank of the river (the Serbian side) are claimed by both macronations, while both nations claim that a few smaller pockets of land on the right bank (the Croatian side) belong to the other.

One view is that these smaller pockets, of which Siga is the largest, became a terra nullius to be claimed by anyone. Paraduin was the first of several micronations to do so, on 5 March 2015, before it even had established itself as a sovereign state. The macronations Serbia and Croatia maintain that Siga did not become a terra nullius, but is disputed land that will some day belong to one of them, depending on the outcome of negotiations. In 2015, no negotations were taking place.

A would-be micronation named Liberland tried to occupy the land but these attempts were thwarted with the aid of the Croatian police. Representatives of Liberland got detained and fined, and they are denied access. Tourists, however, are allowed to visit Siga. Part of the land is privately owned by a logging company.


Although Paraduin claimed Siga on 5 March 2015,[3] the micronation's official founding day is 1 April 2015, when it added the Rotterdam headquarters and called itself a sovereign state. With permanent residence guaranteed, the nation presumes to satisfy the Montevideo criteria for statehood.[4]

Several other micronations intended to acquire Siga, specifically South Maudlandia (18 March),[5] Liberland (13 April),[6] and Âûtia (17 April),[7] but arrived later.[8] A flag ceremoniously raised by representatives of Liberland was removed within days.[9]

The Principality of Ongal claims the remaining, smaller pieces of disputed territory on the Danube's right bank, about 1,5 km2 in total.

Motto and constitution

The micronation's motto is 'Freedom in Solidarity',[1] and it supports the idea of a basic income.[7]

The constitution of Paraduin, published on April 1 2015, consists of 11 articles. The first article promises fair treatment to all citizens, while the third guarantees freedom of thought. These are viewed as basic human rights from which other rights are derived.

The constitution furthermore establishes the nation as a monarchy, with Ogidius as its first ruler. The ruler's title is Prince (or Princess) of Paraduin, but the ruler is also considered a citizen. Although the legal power of the monarch is in every other aspect absolute, the right to fair treatment is unalienable. Other constitutional rights can only be limited if fair treatment requires it.[10]


Paraduin is mainly a cultural nation. Ongoing activities include the administration of the free online encyclopedia Wikisage, with versions in Dutch and English, and the writing and promotion of a novel called Bellerophon and other stories that play on a parallel world, also named Paraduin.[2] June 2017, The Dutch version of Wikisage contained over 42,000 articles.[11]

In December 2016, Paraduin announced its participation in a film project, the horror thriller The Russian Bride, starring Kristina Pimenova, Oksana Orlan and Corbin Bernsen, directed by Michael S. Ojeda. The micronation is represented by an executive producer.[12] Production on location was carried out in March 2017 at the Scripps Mansion in Lake Orion, Michigan.[13][14][15]

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