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New South Wales regional rail project

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The NSW TrainLink regional rail project is an initiative of Transport for NSW to procure new trains to replace the majority of NSW TrainLink's diesel-powered rolling stock, including the entire regional fleet.


In the lead up to the 2015 New South Wales state election, the Baird Government committed itself to replacing the XPT fleet (19 power cars and 60 carriages) if re-elected.[1][2] Having been returned to office, in October 2016 the government announced it was also considering replacing the Xplorer (23 carriages) and Endeavour (28 carriages) diesel multiple unit fleets.[3][4][5]

In August 2017, the government announced it had decided to proceed with the replacement of all three fleets.[6] In November 2017, three consortia, led by Bombardier, CAF and Downer, were shortlisted for the contract to build the trains.[7] In May 2018, the Bombardier consortium withdrew from the process.[8] A contract was awarded in February 2019; the successful tender was CAF's consortium, Momentum Trains.[9] A new maintenance facility will be built in Dubbo.[10][11] The first trains are expected to enter service from 2023.[9]


The 117 carriage fleet will come in three configurations; 10 regional intercity trains, 9 short regional trains and 10 long regional trains. Trains used for longer trips on the regional network will provide two seating classes. Economy class will have a two by two seating layout while premium class will feature a two by one layout. These trains will also include a buffet car.[9]


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