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Fram incident

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The Fram incident occurred in June and July 2019 when the Wikimedia Foundation (WMFOffice) blocked the Wikipedia administrator Fram for one year on English Wikipedia.

Initial block and reactions

Fram was originally blocked on June 10th, 2019, UTC.[1] A page was set up to discuss the block, and an enormous amount of content was added; according to one Wikipedia user, by June 12th, there was enough content in the discussion that, if copied to Microsoft Word, the content filled at least 1,600 pages of information.[2] "The community's response to WMF" was compared to the dropping of an atomic bomb.[2]

Meanwhile, at the main discussion page, a group of editors had a discussion about whether or not to block Fram, and at least one administrator perceived that there was consensus to unblock the user.[3] An administrator (with the username Floquenbeam) went ahead and unblocked Fram; WMFOffice then reblocked Fram and removed Floquenbeam's administrator rights.[3]

Later reactions

The discussion over Fram's ban has received criticism from some wikis, in particular Citizendium and Wikivoyage.[4][5]

Women in Red

A branch of Wikipedia[6] called Women in Red has a social media account. The social media account used the term "real crimes" to describe the situation and additionally stated, "[t]he admin involved is well known for breaking Wiki rules"; this content has since been removed.[7][3]


According to the incident's summary, there were over twenty resignations.[8]. Wikipedia's "desysoppings by month" page recorded 28 desysoppings during June 2019.[9]

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