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Fallopia multiflora

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knotweed family
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(Fallopia multiflora).

Klassische Systematik

Reich  Plant Plantae
Stamm  angiosperms Magnoliophyta
Klasse  dicots Magnoliopsida
Ordnung  ... Polygonales
Familie  ... Polygonaceae
Author(s)  Juss.

Phylogenetische Systematik

Ordnung  ... Caryophyllales.
Familie  Polygonoideae buckwheat family

(何首乌; hé shǒu wū) is a species of Fallopia in the buckwheat family native to central and southern China [1]


F multiflora Haralson [2]


DNA barcoding of populations of Fallopia multiflora, an indigenous herb in China


Wikidata-logo-en.svg.png read Polygonum multiflorum Q1802551