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Eurasian jay

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Eurasian jay
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Garrulus glandarius Linné.
Garrulus glandarius B Luc Viatour.jpg
Klassische Systematik
Reich  animals Animalia
Stamm  Chordata chordates
Klasse  Birds Aves
Ordnung  Passeriformes Passeriformes
Familie  Corvidae ...e
Gattung  Garrulus Garrulus
Art  Eurasian jay G.glandarius
Author(s)  L
Jahr  1758
Phylogenetische Systematik
Ordnung  ... ...
Familie  [[..]] ...

The Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius) is a species of bird occurring over a vast region from Western Europe and north-west Africa to the Indian Subcontinent and further to the eastern seaboard of Asia and down into south-east Asia. Across its vast range, several very distinct racial forms have evolved to look very different from each other, especially when forms at the extremes of its range are compared.

The bird is called jay, without any epithets, by English speakers in Great Britain and Ireland. It is the original 'jay' after which all others are named.

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