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This stub is derivative from the deutsche Wikipedia Ermöglichungsdidaktik

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Die Ermöglichungsdidaktik ist eine Form der Didaktik, die auf den Prinzipien der Selbstbestimmung und Selbststeuerung beruht und von Rolf Arnold geprägt wurde. Sie geht davon aus, dass ein Lernprozess in anderen nicht vom Dozenten von außerhalb erzeugt werden kann, der Dozent kann nur durch die geeigneten Rahmenbedingungen den inneren Lernprozess ermöglichen

Facilitation Teaching is a form of teaching that is based on the principles of self-determination and self-control and was coined by Rolf Arnold. It assumes that a learning process in other can not be produced by lecturers from outside, the teacher can only be the appropriate framework to enable internal learning process

behind a constructivist background it assumes that knowledge can not be produced. Here it sets itself on producing didactic approaches and teaching theories, because it is assumed that the same standards and the same behavior at different learners produce different effects.

Therefore, for a conducive learning didactic action there are, according to the enabling didactics no laws, but rather educational processes are made possible. A participant orientation alone is not enough, therefore, but it must be more freedom allows. The central purpose of enabling didactics is to provide opportunities for learning processes in self-organization is - the teacher becomes a facilitator and therefore designers of adequate conditions and learning arrangements. Learning is understood as a process of active appropriation and not as recording instructive knowledge. The sustainable development of competencies is to allow the view of the teachers most. The learning process is self-directed and not run other-directed.

For enabling didactics so that the essential task in teaching-learning processes in the provision of various services to initiate learning processes for self-disclosure of problem.

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