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Circular Quay transport interchange

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The locality of Circular Quay acts as a public transport interchange for the north of the central business district of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The locality includes a ferry wharf, railway station, bus stops and a future light rail stop. The facilities are based around Alfred Street, a largely pedestrianised street that runs parallel to the shoreline.

Ferry wharf

The Circular Quay ferry wharves act as the main hub of the Sydney Ferries network. All eight of Sydney Ferries' routes stop at Circular Quay, with all but one terminating at the complex. Other operators also have their own wharves at Circular Quay.

Railway station

Circular Quay railway station opened in 1956, completing the City Circle. It is an elevated station, sitting between the ferry wharves and Alfred Street. The Cahill Expressway passes above.

Light rail stop

A light rail stop is under construction in the western section of Alfred Street. It will serve as the terminus of the CBD and South East Light Rail and is expected to open in late 2019. Circular Quay was an important terminus of Sydney's former tram network.

Bus stops

The eastern section of Alfred Street includes bus stops for routes serving the Eastern Suburbs and some routes that head north-west via Victoria Road. The Quay's status as a bus terminus decreased due to the construction of the CBD and South East Light Rail, which led to a reorganisation of bus routes in the CBD, including the removal of all routes from George Street.