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Austral Thrush

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Turdus falklandii (Austral Thrush).jpg
Austral turdus
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Turdus falklandii Quoy and Gaimard.
Turdus juvenile.JPG
Klassische Systematik
Reich  animals Animalia
Stamm  Chordata Arthropoda
Klasse  Birds Aves
Ordnung  Passeriformes Passeriformes
Familie  Turdidae Turdidae
Gattung  Thrush Turdus
Art  Austral thrush CoT fanklandii
Author(s)  L.
Jahr  1824
Phylogenetische Systematik
Ordnung  ... ...
Familie  ... ...

The austral thrush (Turdus falcklandii) is a medium-sized thrush from southern South America. There are two subspecies, the Magellan thrush (T. f. magellanicus) from south Argentina and south and central Chile, and the Falkland thrush (T. f. falcklandii) from the Falkland Islands.


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Multiples lines of evidence support the recognition of a very rare bird species:the Principe thrush